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Chalet Suites Boutique Hotel

Responding to Covid-19

The Closest B&B and Boutique Hotel to the Main Entrance of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Our highest priority is the safety and health of our guests and employees.

Chalet Suites Boutique Hotel is an excellent choice for a Getaway during the Covid-19 Pandemic: located on 22 private forested acres with all suites having private entrances and private patios or balconies. Each Suite has its own Individual HVAC System and Heating: air is not shared/exchanged between suites.

We have always held ourselves to the highest standards for sanitation and cleanliness, because we know how important it was to us when we traveled pre-Pandemic and still is.

To safeguard everyone’s health, we continue to take additional precautions above and beyond what we have normally done to earn our 100% Sanitation Rating on unannounced inspections by North Carolina's Department of Environmental Health.

Our safety protocols and cleaning/sanitizing standards are in compliance with local, state & federal government and CDC guidelines.

Hand sanitizer is available in each guest Suite.

Nonetheless we have made some changes to our modus operandi:

Check-in and check-out are contactless.

No Daily Housekeeping during your stay: staff will not enter your suite during your stay.

We have replaced the China with Paper plates & bowls.

You are responsible for putting your waste and recyclables (plastic containers & glass) in the appropriate containers along the walkways to the Parking Lot. Note: when you remove the full Plastic Trash Bag in your Waste Basket you will see new Plastic Bags in the bottom of the Waste Basket to use.

Protective Mask(s): You are required to have a protective Mask(s) and wear it properly when the on sidewalks going to and from buildings/parking areas where you may encounter other guests. No Exceptions: If you do not comply you will be asked to leave and forfeit your rental, cleanup fee and damage costs. Obviously when you are using the hiking trails, recreational games, i.e. by yourselves, wearing of masks is optional.

There are “cleaning rags” in your suite should you spill something. Please call us and leave the dirty rags outside your door.

If you have accidentally stained a linen, please call us and place them outside your door so we may get to the stain before it dries and sets and also provide you with a replacement(s).